ADD PLAYLIST from a video doesnt work link gives error and more read and see photos


hi when you add a playlist from a video it doesn’t work correctly, cause when you go to your playlist /manage_playlists.php?user=admin area it says view playnow delete it will not play now says no videos in playlist ???

also on index page if you look at the playlist you created from a video page and you try to click on a link it goes to main site if you are using SEO = ON if SEO = OFF you get bad page

IF YOU ADD PLAYLIST FROM /manage_plylists.php?user=admin then everything is working correctly - but when adding a playlist from a video page it give these errors

— see photos —


@Awais-cb please see this
@Awais-cb can you check again please… from a video on your demo site add a new playlist and then go to main page and try to click on link not image of video just the link to the playlist… You have to add a playlist from a video not from /manage_playlists.php?user=admin from any video… then after you see the playlist link ( name of playlist) if you click on that it will not get you to the playlist page will go back to main site
if i click on the playlist title i get this below

if i click on the video image (thumb) it works correctlyΘεός-nino-theos-official-video-clip-hq?play_list=16



Yes, we have tested the issue. It wilkl be fixed soon.


ok so this is doing on your demo too ??


Yes, but the issue only occurs when SEO URLs are enabled.


on mine happens ON and OFF


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i had installed from github like 2 3 weeks ago and today i just uploaded all files and folders except for cache, files, amd CB_install ? did i do that correctly or everytime I update from Github, should I run CB_install… i did not want to loose my videos so i left out file folder cache folder and CB_install folder ?

for helping my friend



OK - this happens most of the times, not sure how but 1 worked, but i tried several others as user admin moderator and they gave the same error ? just trying to pinpoint if it was admin only or user only moderator only, but its weird. it worked 2 times creating a new playlist from a video page, but them 5 times it didn’t work, it had the same link error ? what could be causing this fluctuation ?



function view_playlist( $playlist_id ) {

    $playlist_link = BASEURL;

    if ( is_array( $playlist_id ) and isset( $playlist_id[ 'playlist_id' ] ) ) {
        $playlist = $playlist_id;
    } else {
        $playlist = get_playlist( $playlist_id );

    if ( empty( $playlist  ) ) {
        return BASEURL;

    $is_seo = SEO;

    $data = cb_do_action( 'view_playlist_link', array( 'playlist' => $playlist, 'seo_enabled' => $is_seo ) );

    if ( $is_seo ) {
        $playlist_link .= '/list/'.$playlist[ 'playlist_id' ].'/'.SEO( $playlist[ 'playlist_name' ] );
    } else {
        $playlist_link .= '/view_playlist.php?list='.$playlist_id;

    $data = cb_do_action( 'view_playlist_link', array(
        'playlist' => $playlist,
        'seo_enabled' => $is_seo,
        'playlist_link' => $playlist_link
    ) );

    if ( $data ) {
        return $data;

    return $playlist_link;


is this also correct ?? this is really bother me, why i get link error when create playlist ?
what can i do to fix this ?

		<!-- playlists -->
			{$playlists = get_playlists(['limit'=>4, 'order'=>'total_items DESC'])}
			{$playlists = activePlaylists($playlists)}
			{if $playlists}
			<div class="clearfix sidebar-playlists">
				<h2 title="Playlists with most videos">{lang code="top_playlists"}</h2>
				{foreach $playlists as $playlist}
				<div class="playlist clearfix"> 
					<a href="{videoLink vdetails=$playlist['first_item']|@json_decode}{if $Cbucket->configs.seo == 'no'}&{else}?{/if}play_list={$playlist.playlist_id}"><h3>{$playlist.playlist_name}</h3></a>
					{$items = get_playlist_items($playlist.playlist_id)}
					<div class="clearfix row">
					{foreach $items as $item}
						{if $item@iteration == 5}
						{$videoid = $item.videoid}
						{if $videoid}
							<div class="video col-lg-3 col-md-4 col-sm-6 col-xs-6">
								{$videos = get_videos(['videoid'=>$videoid,'limit'=>'2'])}
								{foreach $videos as $video}
									<a href="{videoLink($video)}{if $Cbucket->configs.seo == 'no'}&{else}?{/if}play_list={$playlist.playlist_id}" class="playlist-video">
										<img src="{getThumb vdetails=$video size=168x105}" class="img-responsive">
										<img src="{$theme}/images/thumb-ratio.png" alt="" class="thumb-ratio">
						<div class="clearfix well">no items</div>
					<span class="videos-count">{$cbvid->action->count_playlist_items($playlist.playlist_id)|number_format}&nbsp;{lang code="videos"}</span>
				{if has_access('admin_access')}
					<div class="clearfix well">{lang code="no_playlists"}</div>