Any youtube video grabber for clipbucket?


many other or all video php scripts have their own video grabber that help a lot but clipbucket dont have that


I’m using Remote Upload, it’s working for most Youtube videos but sometimes it blocks on some channels


ClipBucket has Mass Embedder Module (in Premium version) which embeds videos from YouTube, You can search by keyword and User to embed videos.


im using the free version dont have money to pay a normal video script for $200 less pay over thousand for premium version cheaper use videoswiper service … that is too expensive. All the new videoscript have that integrate. Guess that is one of the reason why people left us and use other scripts, im using this since 2008 around many videos cant start over with other script.


ClipBucket’s free version is always going to befree and will always have all the features it has now and no other ecript is offering this many features in free evrsion neither do any free script get such regular updates and continues development, No one is leaving ClipBucket, infact more and more people are joining everyday.