Apostrophe (keyboard apostrophe) inserted as a tag [CB 4.1]

I tried to insert the word “teacher's desk” as a tag (using the keyboard apostrophe). In frontend ClipBucket 4.1 it is visible as “teacher’s desk” (as indicated in quotation marks), but trying to click on the tag in the video page, in the search page appears
Searching 'teacher’s desk' in Videos
No results found

but the video contains the tag is not found

Page Video: http://demo.clipbucket.com/free/parodie-baldi8217s-basics-cu-mimi-iuliana-beregoi-si-ilie8217s-vlogs-youtube2_v38

Click on tag “BALDI’S

Search Page: http://demo.clipbucket.com/free/search_result.php?query=BALDI%26%238217%3BS&type=videos


Thank you for reporting this issue.

@fahad_cb Review this issue and update.

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