Category do not update while uploading videos


Hi when i upload videos and try to give the category but it does not change kindly help me …


you clicking submit button after upload finished?
if you don’t it uses the default category


i tried many time but no info is changed like title description do not change when i make changes


don’t know then, no way to really tell w/o access.
seems nothing works right for you though so suspect incorrect php versions (needs to be 5.4) or system pointing to wrong php path/.binary


Issue has been resolved in ClipBucket stable (current version). If you are using an older version (<2.8.1) then upgrading should solve your issue.

Saqib Razzaq
ClipBucket Developer


i have resolved the problem i just deactivate the Custom Fields Beta for ClipBucket plugin :slight_smile:


No 2.8.3 did not solve this issue, I am having the same problem, my php version is also correct, do you mean 5.4 or any higher than 5.4?