CB integration with JW Player 7 (playing youtube inside - nice skin)


Some news for CB members, jwplayer is updated to 7.0.1 now. Some features are awesome:

  • MPEG-DASH support
  • Skins completely customizable with CSS
  • Faster: loading — 35% over JW6, video rendering, and development and integration
  • Flash behind the scenes with a Javascript and HTML5-based player
  • Updated embedding
  • Youtube embed play native.

I think it is great to use jwplayer in CB again. I have implemented in my CB site.
Demo below, please discuss how we can use JW7 for great streaming site


can you share how you integrate?


I m on mobile and i got error shown in screenshot


Is there anyway to play vimeo.com video inside other player like jw 7 videosjs or othere thats wokr on mobile as well.


Yes. You can modify to play vimeo in JW 7 like http://wootake.com/watch_video.php?v=3XSUR1W41RY6


You can take jwplayer from cb 2.6 and modify it.
You add to jwplayer_header.html


I dont know how to do this… Can u provide jw 7 cb plugin thats play vimeo videos inside jw 7 player.
Please share it with cb members



yes will be great and specially if can play inside vimeo videos.


Will have some things to do:

  • JW player
  • Modify embed mode
  • plugin and cache to extract vimeo direct link and play in jwplayer


well you did already is working on your site


I was trying but i add the jwplayer key on the global header file but not working yet. i dont know exactly where i put the key and how wrote in the code. any help will be appreciate. And remember on windows 10 no one of both new CB Player works. not on the edge and on chrome.


put your key before jwplayer(“mediaplayer”).setup({ldelim} in cbplayer.html
I see jwplayer working well in windows 10 with no issue.


I dont know how but i did it. What i mean is before read you was working i dont know if the key takes time or was my cloudflare delay thing but thanks i will look on the way that you show my one is showing my logo on screen too… Thanks


question know how can i set sking because dont like too much default one.


Is working but only for videos storage locally or remote play but youtube are not inside and vimeo too.



  1. You can modify jw 7 to show your logo
  2. I can set any available skin from jwplayer.com or you can make new skin for yourself
  3. JW7 also for other versions, it can play local storage file, youtube and modify to play vimeo also.



well i did the skin thing but cant do play youtube or vimeo inside.


I don’t think so. JW player play youtube inside as default
For vimeo, you must modify code in jwplayer


Can please someone send me the complete files as zip for cb 2.6 ?


Please someone send me the complete zip files for cb 2.7