ClipBucket 2.8.1 Demo Comes To Life


Dear ClipBucket community,

As you all know that the Team ClipBucket have been working on the new version of ClipBucket for past couple of months, We are glad to announce that ClipBucket 2.8.1 Demo is live now. We would like to thank our awesome ClipBucket community for supporting us and reporting issues/bugs in Version 2.8. Team ClipBucket have worked very hard for the past few months to fix the issues reported by the community and to add new impressive feature while also maintaining and improving the existing ones.

We are hopeful that you will love this version. We don’t charge you money for all the hard-work that we put in and the only way we ask you to payback is by your feedback. Hence, make sure you open up about ClipBucket 2.8.1 and let us know what you think of it.

What’s new in ClipBucket 2.8.1

  1. New sleek designed default template
  2. 8x faster than previous versions of ClipBucket
  3. New designed video player
  4. Real time conversion system
  5. Ajax home page
  6. Ajax load more (load more videos etc without refreshing pages)
  7. Ajax based view photos ( view next photo without refreshing page )
  8. Fixed over 200 issues
  9. Improved conversion logs
  10. Improved Ads Manager
  11. In Video ads integrated with Google IMA made compatible with CB VideoJS Player
  12. Improved error handling
  13. Improved friends system
  14. Compatible with MySQL 5.6
  15. MySQL Optimization
  16. Overall code optimization and documentation
  17. Faster & more user friendly quicklists

And much more awesomeness…

Beta version will be released on 10th May and official release of ClipBucket version 2.8.1 with new premium packages will be on 17th May, 2016.

Thank you.

by ClipBucket Team


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Great (Y) luv u clip bucket team… i have report some bugs in github and trying to find more…


We appreciate what you are doing @Arman. We are determined to fix every single issue that there is and give you guys the best ClipBucket possible :smile:

Saqib Razzaq
ClipBucket Developer


At first glance everything seems a dream. ClipBucket 2.8.1 is spectacular. I LOVE YOU
One sour note for me: I would have restored the Home button

When I will have in my hands the Beta version I will try to give a better opinion :smiley:


Well, we certainly worked really hard but you deserve a lot of credit too. You have contributed a good part in this version. ClipBucket is thankful for all the issues you reported and enhancements that you suggested. Thank you for being part of ClipBucket community.

Saqib Razzaq
ClipBucket Developer


Congrats Saqib ! But what’s new in 2.8.1 ?


I suggest you to add the Home button and Font Awesome Icons before each word (Home, Videos, Photos, Channels, Collections). In my opinion, it is better that when I’m in Homepage active the word Home and when I’m in Videos active the word Videos.


Yahooooooooooo AWESOMMMMMMMMMMEEE i love this one
Great work thank you guys and proud to be a part of the community thanks again


^^ That :smile:

Saqib Razzaq
ClipBucket Developer


Thank you so much for that @sajidaliturri. Keep using ClipBucket. We appreciate the feedback :smile:

Saqib Razzaq
ClipBucket Developer


Goooooooooood job guys :slight_smile:


thanks for all CB team


Your Welcome @saqibcb


premium package but how much for download this premium clipbucket ?
and options grab from youtube working ? play youtube movie inside player working too ?
i see domo not working playlist next movie not autoplay
Best regards