Clipbucket 4.1 have still bugs, and no HD video conversion



I use Clipbucket 4.1 it have still bugs, and my 1080 videos they not convert to 1080 resolution.

I did try anything and many hours, but the video quality is poor on my site like VHS tape. :frowning: :frowning:



For 1080P conversion your video must be 1080 *1920 anything below than this resolution will not qualify as 1080 and you can improve conversion quality in admin area> General > website configurations > uploading and conversion



I have 1080 *1920 videos but after the conversion the quality is bad , I did try change the settings it not help.


Also it say clipbucket 4.1 have Improvement in multilingual.

But Great language not work here.


Language pack generation requires a lot of processing from your server, What are your server specs?


i have a Vps Server

Xeon processor 8 corre
and 16 GB Ram

I tink its not the Server, the problem , but a bug.


What is your website?