Clipbucket and AdSense


Today I have put AdSense code into clipbucket but doesn’t who any ads on my site.
Is there anything else to do to get ads on site?


Put your Adsense code into the literal tag {literal}PUT CODE HERE{/} and report if it is working thanks.


you mean like this on picture?
No it doesn’t work.


Sorry there is an mistake from my side it is {literal}PUT CODE HERE{/literal}

I forgot the close tag


no still doesn’t work, all I can see now is code


Add the AdSense code directly on the page, it never worked through admin panel !!


why they are not fixing that?


It is working well without issue


I found that when I put any links in the ad section of CB code it was always ruined. But, I can fix it quickly by using MyPHP and putting the code directly into the database. Of course you have to log in to CPanel to do this, but with CB there are many reasons I have to go directly to the database and this is only one of them.


I don’t see any ads there


Edit watch_video.php and index.php and any page you want the ads to appear there and insert your code in the page and upload the page to your website and it’s done !

It will works if your ADs code is working


Why that can not be fixed in clipbucket, so I need to edit files??