ClipBucket can't write to Database


Hi – I’ve searched the forum but can’t quite get the solution to this problem.
Initially I thought the problem is not able to convert Video (even after uploading successfully at 100%) and you guys keep mentioning that the problem is it can’t write to the database.

So it turned out to be, that is the problem. Even when I created new category, it doesn’t recorded in the database.

How to solve that? What could be the problem that ClipBucket can’t write into database?
I have asked the hosting support and they can’t figure out the problem – their answer is “if the database can be created during app installation, then ClipBucket can write to the database.”

I can see the files are loaded to videos folder but they are not listed.

The hosting is using PHP 7.0 and MariaDB 10.2.18

Please advise. Thanks.


Hi @usil, it seems your database is running with STRICT MODE enabled .
Try and run a command with root user SET GLOBAL sql_mode = '' and test again.

I hope it works for you.
Thank You.