ClipBucket Discourse Rules


Last revised on 2nd December, 2014

  1. ClipBucket is an opensource product under Attribute Assurance License see and everyone should respect this license and must not violate any of its term or condition.

  2. You can’t comment about Clipbucket license and have to accept it as is. Don’t tell us or teach us what Open-source means or what Open-source should be. Rather than go to and update yourself.

  3. No hate or spamming will be allowed. You can’t create threads or posts which ultimately leads to dispute, hurt Clipbucket credibility or provide community wrong information. Anyone found doing this will be immediately Kicked Out.

  4. a) You can’t sell any of the Clipbucket Copyrighted Plug-ins or Templates on Forums / off Forums. Either directly or Indirectly. Publicly or Privately.

    b) Anyone found selling/distributing/exchanging our official product or products which are listed on our official website, even after editing, will face user ban and all official services associated to user will be terminated without any prior notice. And his name will be listed in our ‘Hall of shame’ and we may take any legal action if required.

  5. No reviews(based on assumptions) are allowed on the forums. If you never used any of our service or product then please don’t provide any review about the product. We will check All of your data and if you cant prove yourself as a user. You will be immediately banned. (Not even think to write “ I have Heard that this product is crap”, Just mind your own business, If you really have heard then provide references ). So only provide reviews about the products you personally experienced.

  6. a) If you have created any plug-in or template and want to sell it then post it in the Paid Product and Services. if you want to give it free then post it in the contributions. But Remember it should be your Own Creation and you will be the sole Author and you must list your product under license e.g (eula,aal,gpl or even your own written)

    b) Do not post promotional stuff such as freelance service or Hosting. (Separate section will be available for that)

  7. If you are seeking help. then first search the forums rather than opening more threads. Avoid any thread duplication and post your topics in related forum instead of posting ‘How to’ question in ‘General Discussion’ , post it in ‘Troubleshooting and How-to’ forum. And if we found same post in multiple forums, user will face temporarily post ban.

  8. a) For paid Help and Support Use Freelance area. Sending Pm’s to Users without their consent for Help at cheap prices will not be forgiven and will result in immediate ban. This rule is created to protect users from Cheap People who just take money to provide Crap. and also to Maintain the quality of forums. Separate section is being developed for Freelancing and Other CB Related services.

    b) Troubleshooting and How-to section is free and open user-to-user solution, avoid PMs and let public know about the solution.

  9. If you have Purchased Paid Support,Plug-ins or Templates from Clipbucket. Then please open up a ticket in the client area. our dedicated Team is there to provide you Help on the paid Products.

  10. All community members are equal to us and they should respect each other despite region, religion, ethnicity or any personal views, may lead to user ban.

  11. You must follow all the rules and keep yourself updated, because this rules list is subject to change anytime without any prior notice.



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