Clipbucket stuck on converting


I have installed clipbucket 2.8 version on my centos 7.3 and worked ok.
Now I have installed version 4 on the same server and videos are not converted but stuck on
Video Converson File executed successfully with Target File > !152233089367880.mp4

Is there any reason why now on version 4 doesn’t work?


you running strict mode on sql server? what is sql server (mysql/mariadb/percona,etc) and version) and php versions?
I had seen this before disabling strict mode.
log listed as done yet file never moved and site not updated.
also please (if possible) post full conv log


mariadb MySQL version 5.5.56
PH 5.6
I will check about disabling strict mode
And after that I start reconvert than it finished as it should before.
here is full log file