Clipbucket uploads but doesn't store video



I have installed Clipbucket version 4.1 on Ubuntu 16.04
The problem is I have set the ownership to www-data and gave the whole directory permission of 777 but still, after I upload a video it says it was successful but when I return to “Manage Videos” there are no videos and the Video directory is empty.

How can I fix this problem?


Have you checked the console for errors? review the console and debug the issue.


I remember that it happened to me too, but I had solved by doing various tests to rule out the problem, in the end I found the solution that I honestly can’t remember. It might be useful to look at the log in the files > logs folder, check the modules and system requirements. ffmpeg (unlike what is indicated in the documentation) the last version can be used (fortunately, because the old versions are abominable)


I reinstalled clipbucket using this script (with some modifications) and now clipbucket stores videos fine: