ClipBucket v4.1 bombarded by spambots

ClipBucket v 4.1, although google recaptcha v 2 is active, generates several inactive users and some even manage to pass the google validation. I suggest to go to version 3 or allow the creation of a custom field in the Q&A control panel (Question and Answer), that is, from administration an alphanumeric string is inserted, the answer will be something contained in the string and the advice to be made visible to the user to find the unique answer.

Example Q&A:
String: sh4n4bC49n5kB4nm5
Answer: CB
Solution: Enter the uppercase words
Possibility to choose the control of the answer: rigid (ie response as such to the answer) or Flexible (no distinction is made between upper and lower case)


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We will further test it and upgrade to V3 is there is a way to bypass the Google captcha.

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