Clipbucket v4 can't upload photos


When I upload photo button “save details” is greyed out can not click on it.
I have checked all logs but no error.
I can see clipucket created folder 04 and under that folder 14 for today but no pictures.
Because I can not click save details


Can you upload videos?


Yes, I can upload videos, but can not photos, button is greyed out.


I think I have read something about a php-thing that should be installed for this to work. So could be worth to browse other topics.

Else I suggest to check you have version 7.0 and nothing else of PHP.


I have version 5.6 and it should work with it.


ok, then i dont know. i dont use the photo upload. sorry


is here anybody else to solve this problem???


There was an issue with photo upload in one of the git revisions, Kindly upgrade to the latest source from GitHub and Make sure photos are active from admin area.


I upgrade to latest version (4939)
But problem is still persist.


have you allowed this file extension from admin area > general > uploading and convcersion?


Of course.
It’s the first thing I was check.
On list I have wmv,avi,divx,3gp,mov,mpeg,mpg,xvid,flv,asf,rm,dat,mp4,png,jpg
Also, I upload .gif seven months ago and work fine (.gif is not on extension list).


I have the same problem. I downloaded clipbucket 4939, installed okay but can’t upload any photos because I get a grey Save Details button. Any help ?
Looks like I found the solution: I had to enable fileinfo extension for PHP in cPanel. It works now, I can upload images :slight_smile:


Watermark not working well, always the same size and the picture is not resized so the watermark will be displayed bigger on small resolution pictures and smaller on high resolution pictures.

I deactivated it till it will be working fine !