ClipBucket V4 (RC1) Release


Dear ClipBucket Community,

We are excited to announce the release of ClipBucket V4 with new premium packages, completely redesigned to meet your requirements. All new packages and demos are live now.

Visit our site for details on all the new features and packages.

Thank you.



Nice work. Trying to upgrade now.


look forward to… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Official demo address is not V4?


Guess the branding free demo is the demo of the new CB V 4

No the free demo dont have CB V4 but the other ones have it.


i donwload and installed CB V4 RC1 from github and dont see anything diff from previous version, same player no playlist, nothing dif. Same design.


The new design and player are with paid versions only, no new features/design in free version.


Well the design is very ugly but features can be good. But after we help you testing on live sites for years $1500 is a very high price for us, people that dont have any business. etc.


I understand your concern, We always welcome ClipBucket community’s input and we encourage all users to give us ideas about design. As you know the code is opensource and everyone can customize the design according to their requirements. We have added a lot of new features in the premium script with the new release, it includes HLS and Dash streaming integration, Geo-Blocking and so many other features, The prices are justified by the features.


CB V4 RC1 don’t work for me, it seems that ffmpeg is not running.