Collections Preview Thumb - Feature Request



I see that admin need to manually set a users collection preview image.

Perhaps it would be better if the preview image is automatically populated by the most recent image within the collection.

With the current system, admin needs to login daily and manually upload images to be used for preview image. If hundreds of users create new collection, then updating them would take hours.

Any way we can automatically set thumbnails ?

Thank you


Yes, I would second this feature request.

Once your site gets going it becomes impossible to upload previews as admin.

The user should be allowed to either upload or choose from an image in the respective collection to use as a preview for the collection. Or as OP suggested: use the last uploaded image as default.


Any news on this feature? it’s quite strange that users can create collections but only admins can set previews…



I created a bug for CB to see if they can correct this. On git hub