Custom HTML in Closed Message


I’m trying to add custom HTML to my CB Site Closed message, and I’ve done it before on older versions of CB, but now it will not allow me to add HTML. When I do and then visit the site it displays the HTML coding as regular text, is this intended or a bug? If it’s a bug what do I need to edit to make it work? The following is the HTML I’m trying to use (It’s ridiculously basic):

<img src=" Logo.png">
<h2>We are working on some serious changes right now! Please bare with us. MySite will be available soon!</h2>

I know it’s not necessarily HTML 5 compliant, but that shouldn’t really matter, all major browsers still recognize these tags.

Here’s the output:

Any help Greatly appreciated.


Same problem here and there’s no offline template, i’m trying to put picture with link to redirect visitors but they removed html, now it’s just regular text!!