Dark Theme For Clipbucket 4.1



There is a new dark theme available for Clipbucket.

View Demo: http://darkair.dark-studios.com/
Download Here: http://dark-studios.com/dark-air-theme-for-clipbucket/

More CB Themes: http://dark-studios.com/category/clip-bucket/


great work done especially on blue one


Not bad, but why people dont understand that video websites requires cinema video on watch video page. Or they never watch videos online? Look at clipbucket webmaster demo on watch video page, have cinema player, mean big one side to side. here the link : https://demo.clipbucket.com/webmaster/watch_video.php?v=W7RR59M5Y167


I like the theme and looks nice on phone too, but for desktop need cinema view on watch video. Like the side menu too on mobile. And like the categories page on top menu


Thanks for the feedback and I will look into the cinema mode.



Cinema mode has been added to the Air theme and Dark air theme.

Air Theme:

Dark Air Theme:

If you have any other questions or comments, please let me know

Kind regards