Deploy and configure ClipBucket automatically

I’m new to ClipBucket. It’s a great platform and I’m excited to use it.

I’m trying to automate the process of deploying ClipBucket onto a new server using Ansible. I have successfully automated all the dependencies (LAMP stack, ffmpeg, etc.), but I’m wondering if there’s a way that I can use scripting to configure ClipBucket once it’s installed. I tend to wipe servers frequently, so I’d rather not have to manually click through the Setup wizard by hand, type my information, then find the settings I want to change in the configuration dashboard once ClipBucket is running.

Is any kind of scripting or automation possible for configuring ClipBucket’s settings? I’m talking about both the initial installation settings like the database details as well as the post-installation settings like conversion options and selected video player.


I’m glad that you are loving ClipBucket. After reading through your whole post, yes it is possible indeed. You can automate all of things mentioned above and we can build it for you.

Ask me any questions or create a ticket at our Official Client Area

Saqib Razzaq
ClipBucket Head

Hi Saqib,
Thanks for your reply.

I’m a developer, so I’m wondering if you had any advice for someone who was going to do this themselves. For example, is there a REST API or bash script I can call to perform the install and configuration that normally happens in the web browser? Or would I have to essentially imitate a human user by using something like Selenium or PhantomJS?


Hello @mtlynch

Good to know that you are a developer too. You don’t need to run the whole process that runs in browser if you are going to install it from script. Take a look at below steps to get some help.

  1. Send in first request with database details
  2. Connect to database and create new database
  3. Run structure.sql,configs.sql and other similar files to fill your database
  4. Clone dbconnect.sample.php found inside includes folder and name it dbconnect.php and replace contents of it with your database connection details
  5. Remove cb_root / files / temp / file to put a lock on frontend installation
  6. Send in admin user credentials and insert user in users table with user_level 1.
  7. Change below fields in config table to set themes, players etc by default

To set default theme
template_dir foldername_of_your_theme

To set website title
site_title Title of your website

Or take a look at config table for more info.

I also recomend taking a look at cb_install directory as that’s where installation files reside.

Insepect elements and follow the whole installation process in browser while checking corresponding steps in php files

Hope it helps :smile:

Saqib Razzaq
ClipBucket Head

Thanks for the detailed reply! I’ll try this weekend and let you know how it goes.

Hi Saqib,
I published an Ansible role to deploy ClipBucket automatically on an Ubuntu 14.04 system:

Ansible role:
Blog post explanation:

Hope it can be of use to ClipBucket users!

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your work, this will help the CB community a lot. Team CB was planning to do this but you have beaten us to it. We will test it and let you know, great work.

Cheers and greetings from team ClipBucket :smile:

Awesome work @mtlynch :smile:

It will be tested for sure …