Exec function does not exist error


Hi Everyone.

Uploaded videos are not converting, and uploaded photos are not displaying.

It looks like it is not finding FFMPEG, PHPCLI, Mp4box and other dependancies, but my host insists they are installed in the right place, and that the real issue is it is unable to use the exec() function, even though it has not been disabled on the server.

I am getting a “Exec function does not exist” in Clipbucket/ConversionLab section.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


it’s probably a path or version problem.
In the administration panel, verify that the modules are all found.
Check the requirements: https://clipbucket.com/cb-install-requirements/

FFMPEG is generally the main problem in conversion. You can install the latest version without problem, I guarantee it

Take some tests and try again. If it still does not work, something escapes you

The installation of ClipBucket, other than CPanel (if available) is not easy, some essential technical knowledge is needed