Facebook Embed Issue


i have enbaled Facebook embed from admin area and my site is on SSL = https but when some one share my site videos on Facebook and click on Play button i m getting the following error. see the screenshot.
i m using CB Videojs Player



I don’t think it’s working on Facebook since FB is using https mode


will not work from cellphone or tablet only from a desktop and you need all the meta tags that facebook required


every thing is ok … like OG tags, https … but when i click on play button getting MIME type not supported msg on facebook. can any one help me to resolve this issue…

my active player is CB Videojs


the problem is when you set videojs or html5 player, CB set as default pakplayer for facebook and that player cant play many videos like youtube embeded or any other one, you have to set as default old cbplayer and will work fine. that is a problem that they dont fix and dont let people know how to change or edit the code or where it is


Dear Customer

Thanks for your query. As you know HTML5 is relatively new technology and at the moment only Youtube’s HTML5 player is allowed by Facebook. So till Facebook allows 3rd-party HTML5 based players we have to wait or use Flash Player to embed videos on Facebook.

Flash player can be used but it comes with its own limitations. There is pre-defined process of getting your flash player approved from Facebook to be able to watch videos there. Facebook only allows a flash player if it is hosted from a HTTPs server.

Our suggestion would be to use a big thumb with a link directing to your site for better audience engagement and viewership. If you want us to setup you this service, please reach us via ticket for the Quote.


i have every thing set there is but … when i disable facebook embed from admin then my site watch_video page show blank… i wan to resolve this issue… NOT EMBEDING on facebook


aliawancb We know that facebook dont let html5 players run inside their site, but why you set as default pakplayer on facebook when we set as default videojs new cb or html5 player as default and not old cbplayer that works fine as flash inside facebook. Im using on my site cbplayer as default because if the only option that when i set as default use cbplayer on facebook. and works fine, even youtube player works fine inside facebook played as embeded. But i cant use any of the new players even new cbplayer because when is set to default on cb script use as default pakplayer on facebook and that is not only ugly but cant play any embed video.


Well Guys,
We know, there is a fault in embedding flow, that should be fixed…
First of All CB Videos JS is still in BETA state,
Embedding Flow will be changed in CB 2.8.1 Release, until all the these issues will be treated as special cases .

Best Regards
Thankyou !


we are still waiting our 50% traffic comes from facebook.
SSL is installed on my site.
default player is CB Videojs Beta (i can’t change it coz i have upgrade my site from 2.6 and there 26000+ flv videos that only play in cb videojs player)
but when we share any video on facebook its getting error coz cb videojs is html5 player and facbeook dose not allowing html5 player…

is there any quick solution to fix this issue…

or just share thumb instead of embedding video coz we want to recover our visitor
i have turned off facebook embed from admin area and it is still embedding…

i just want to share thumbs at the moment… when it fix in 2.8.1 then we will upgrade it.

Please @fahad_cb


Alright @Arman
We will put this task as our top priority . to fix this one as a special case
We will not making any release right now but a patch of code will be given as Fix very soon


Thank @fahad_cb … we will waiting for it…


Here in clipbucket 4.1 it still not work​:flushed::weary:

they can not play the videos on my Facebook page.


Is your site on HTTPS?



My site is on HTTPS