Files and Folder Permissions ClipBucket [Request for help from developers ClipBucket]


I don’t want my website risks being hacked.
I need to know the permissions to be set for files and folders ClipBucket.
The following guide doesn’t exist:

I ask the developers to show me the correct permissions for files and folders.

Help me, please.


Just start ClipBucket installation. At one point it will show you the list of files and folders. These are the only folders that need to have 777 permissions.

Saqib Razzaq
ClipBucket Developer


With my respect to Saqib , file premission 777 can be very danger. Use 755 or 644 on files and folder that you need to read only. Different folders and files have different file premissions. The rule is: less as possible. With another words, folders where you don’t upload files to, need read only premission.


and wich permission needs the files 755?