Files more than 2GB



Have you tested files more than 2GB ? i uploaded the file in the right directory but the player ignore it, i’m not talking about ffmpeg conversion, i just upload the MP4 file direct ftp upload but the player display “no video”


Check the permissions, video above 2 GB can be converted as well as played if the server is upto it but the remote play shouldn’t require much resources.


I’m not using CB converter, i upload the MP4 file directly by FTP


I’m using CB since many years, no problem chmod on FTP, CB player can’t handle files more than 2GB !!!


We hve tested multiple videos above 2 GB, absolutely no limitation from player or script.


I also tested it today for the second time, not working with “cb video js 1.0 STABLE”, " ClipBucket V4.1 STABLE", like the file doesn’t exist, i’m used to CB, i’m using it since many years, i’m sure what i say, did you made the test with which version ? free or premium ?