Filtering videos for most “viewed” is not working properly


Hi. Filtering videos for most “viewed” is not working properly.
Listing seems to be ok, but filter don’t fetch data from correct periods (except “all time” - that works good, because it’s all data).
It is strange thing because filter fetch data from correct periods for “recent’, “commented” , “top rated “ and “featured”.
I noticed this issue is present in previous releases too.
Is possible that in 2.8.1 α you will fix that?
(I hope You understand what I mean, You can check this on clipbucket demo. sorry for my English)

ClipBucket is Back

The filters are working fine, the issue is with pagination, for example if you are at 3rd page of filter “Most viewed” and you switch to Featured/comments, The filter will go to 3rd page of featured/comments filter. We have logged this issue.

Thank you.


Hello. We probably don’t understand each other. Maybe it is my English.
This pagination issue is not what I mean. I check this on 1st pages.

To understand what I mean go to Clipbucket Demo, to Videos page and select “viewed”. Than check all time periods (today, this/last week, month, year, etc.). Than check this for “commented” or “top rated”. Compare results. It is not working properly for “viewed”.
Thank You for quick answere.
By the way, great job You are doing. :slight_smile:


On mobile view. Viewed, all time, featured etc on videos page do not work. Only the default ‘recent’ works


I know You have lot of work now, but is it possible You fix this issue for 2.8.1stable release?


@aliawancb sorry I renew my question, but it’s long time with no answere about this issue I described.

Did You logged this issue? Is it possible You fix this issue for 2.8.1stable release? If not, can You give us an approximate date You can fix this?
I know You have a lot of work now, but I will be grateful if You answer me.
Best regards



This issue was debugged, it was because of SEO urls, if you deactivate seo urls, it works fine, the issue have been fixed.


Thank You for explanation of this.


I know this topic is old but this filtering issue I discribed is still present. Deactivating of SEO urls not helps. (Maybe You gaved me solution for this pagination issue that You described).

Like I wrote in first post, for “most viewed” only “all time” shows videos from correct period.
Other time periods not working for “most viewed”.

For “recent”, “featured”, “top rated”, “commented” everything working fine.

This issue is present on each websites uses your software, which I have seen.

Is there any chance that this will work in future, maybe in next release?


Kindly upgrade to the latest code from GitHub…



Can I just replace one specific file? Which one?


Hi. Still not working.
On Your demo website You can see that too - for v2.8.2.


The filter you have applied is working fine. its showing most viewed videos this month, not uploaded this month.


Hi. Why you tell me that it’s working fine?

That filtering for “viewed” doesn’t work in any way:

  1. It doesn’t work like for “recent” ,“top rated”, ”featured”, “commented” (it doesn’t show videos uploaded in a certain time period). I think it should work like this. It should be your goal for that.

  2. Also it doesn’t work like you said (it doesn’t show videos viewed in a certain time period). I don’t think it is possible even. How do you think you will do it? Does every view have a time stamp??? Please consult your last post with someone.

Ok. But I’ll be calm. Here is the proof. These videos was uploaded in this month so they had to be viewed this month.

When we go to “viewed” they disappear:

And is exactly the same for “this year”, “this week”, “today”. We always see that 2 videos (yesterday was 3, sometimes 4, but it’s not the case - they are always the same videos). It doesn’t work.

Next thing. Most viewed for “yesterday”, “last week”, “last month”, “last year” never shows any videos. And that was always like that, always:

Please man just look what I wrote to you in May 16’ and please check that, it will take half a minute:

So I’ve got big request, I hope you finally take me seriously:

Could you verify (on 100 percent) how that filtering for “viewed” should work?

And when it will be improved?

Will it ever be?



As you wrote on github I upgraded cb. The filtering may actually work fine, but it does not change the fact that it still doesn’t display the correct video list (for this ‘viewed section’ offcourse). Maybe filtering isn’t a cause of the problem but the problem still exists.

But I noticed strange thing that could lead to the cause of this problem (I saw that on my test website and clipbucket demo website too).

After every unique view video disapears from this ‘viewed section’
and after non unique view it appears again (no matter is this the same ip or another).

My cb version is from 6 may from github, but you can observe it on your demo website too,
although there is one difference - on my website the problem covers “all time” period too.

I hope this helps.


Is there someone who can figured this out?
Why after unique view video disapears from ‘viewed’?
And why after non unique view it appears again?
And why after this non-unique view video act (for ‘viewed’) like it was uploaded in that day (when was that non-unique view)?

Please help. It is over a year i reported this.
For channels and photos “viewed” works well. why not for videos?