From 1k views to 1 view: when I edit and save a video with 1k views


If I try to edit a video with 1k views, when the saving occurs, 1k is converted to 1 view

it happened once, but it is not recapitulated with other videos with hundreds of visualizations, so I went ahead. Now it’s recapitulated and I understand. It happens with videos in which 1k appears

The problem is at the moment of saving: if there are 1200 views, in the field

< input class = “form-control” name = “views” type = “text” id = “views” value = “1,200” size = “45”>

the value is with a comma. At the time of saving the decimal part is truncated, consequently from 1200 views it becomes 1 visualization

Replicating the problem is simple: edit any public video, go to Video Stats> Views, enter a value greater than 1000, then save. Now the video has 1000 views, but now try to edit the same video with views over 1000, you will find the Views field with the value 1,000, when saving the decimal part will be truncated and the views will be 1

If a video has 100000 views, you will find 100,000 in the views field, so when saving, the 100,000 views will become 100

I didn’t do any more tests. I hope this is enough


Yes this is a bug not yet fixed