How should I (meta) describe the main page?


Plugin seo ninja does not work properly to me.
Meta description will show (display) in the main title and will not display in the page description on search engines like google or bing etc. My main title is Meta title - Meta description, but it has to be just Meta title. And meta description should be in the page description, but it isnt.

How should I (meta) describe the main page? How can I fix it?

Thank you for your answers.


I’m not sure what you mean but you are able to setup a meta description on YOUR_DOMAIN.TLD/admin_area/main.php#current_1 or on your theme on file global_header.html


I know, but it doesnt work. My main title is from seo ninja plugin and it is in format META TITLE - META DESCRIPTION (its nonsence) and meta description doesnt show in search engines.