Image Upload Issue - Latest Version CB



I just installed the latest version of Clipbucket, and there is an issue with uploading images.

Once you upload an image, the option to “Save Details” does not work.

Clipbucket version: clipbucket-4902

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@Awais-cb @fahad_cb Kindly test and verify this issue in the latest source on GitHub.


Hello, I just installed the latest version of Clipbucket from GitHub, and can confirm that version has the same image error.



I have same problem with image upload on V4.0 STABLE
Also, Mass Re-creation of Photos do not work.


Now I have ClipBucket V4.1 STABLE (/releases/tag/4939)
Also, I still have same problem as described above.

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Why your collection name has strange characters?
Try with a different collection and a simple name without spaces and special characters.

Just a suggestion


Thank you on your suggestion.
I presume you talking abut š đ č ć ž and ’ characters.
These are the letters in my alphabet.
In some version (2,4) i have problem with them, but now this is not a case.