Incorrect text pop-up confirms user cancellation


Hi, since nobody replied, I’m manually deleting users with a lot of pain. I point out that after selecting the users and clicking on the “Delete” button, a confirmation popup appears with the following message: “You are sure you want to delete selected video (s)”

It should be :
“Are you sure you want to delete selected user (s) ?”



There is no pop up confirmation in the backend for delete user now.


Strange! It appears to me when I select multiple users or select a single user from the checkbox to the left of each one and click on the “Delete” button above. If I go to the “Actions” drop-down menu, the popup does not appear


Got It, But isn’t this message correct?



This situation is very embarrassing … :sweat_smile:

I also tried to select all the checkboxs and deselect those of my disinterest, but I could not replicate the problem I had encountered. Strange … I’m sure I was on the users page, because I had to delete spambots that were able to register in version 2.6.

Maybe something related to users created in version 2.6? I had deleted users who had been created in version 2.6. :thinking:

Now it works, excuse me. If it comes back and I succeed in replicating the problem to make it known, I will report it