Instructions to Upgrade to ClipBucket v- 2.8


Please follow these instruction to upgrade, We are working on ClipBucket Guides (Video Tutorials) and they will be available in a few weeks, until then please keep helping each other with these issues. Thank you all for being a part of ClipBucket community, we really appreciate your help.


  1. Download ClipBucket source of your live site except ‘files’ directory and export its database.
  2. Now setup the ClipBucket locally using downloaded source and exported sql (DB) and create an empty ‘files’ directory. This is to run and test upgrade locally.
  3. Once local site is working and home page is accessible, replace the source and follow upgrade guide of ClipBucket 2.8.
  4. Once source is replaced you will be redirected to local_site/cb_install
  5. Follow the steps and click upgrade
  6. Once upgrade is done you can access website again
  7. Your site should be accessible
    We suggest you to first try it on your local machine if you will faces no issue then we will suggest you that how to go LIVE !!

Steps to install it on your local machine

  1. Download your_db_name.sql and your current source first.
  2. Setup you site locally with empty files folder …
  3. Now upgrade your source to latest CB version
  4. Run cb_install to make your local site upgarded to latest version
    If everything Runs fine @ local
    You can update your live site by:
  5. Updating your source to latest CB version , make sure your files folder do not get disturbed it should be unchanged .
  6. Then Go cb_install on your live site