Issue wiht cb video js 1.0 STABLE on CB 4.2 RC1

Hi. I just upgraded CB to 4.2 RC1. When i use the JS player the the bottom bar that has the full screen button is missing. Videos play. Just can not make them full screen.

Thanks for any help.

Anyone know how to get the bar at the bottom of the js player back in 4.2? I can not use the videos full screen or advance the videos.

Does the shirt keys or double clicking work with the full screen? try another browser and OS, also try different devices and see if the issue is device specific or universal.

Double clicking on the video just pauses and unpauses the video. I have Tried Chrome, FireFox, Edge and Internet explorer. All have the same issue with the player. It looks like the video controls are below the video title on the page.

Anyone know how to fix this player issue or can point me in the direction of where to look for solutions.