Issues installing ClipBucket 2.0.9


Hello. I am trying to install an older version of ClipBucket (v2.0.9 to be exact), and when I start setup this happens:

<html xmlns=""><head>
ClipBucket v2 Installer

<div class="content">
<h2>Checking File &amp; Directories Permissions</h2>
<p>ClipBucket need some files and folders permissions in order to store files properly, please make sure all files given below are chmod properly<br>

CHMOD : the chmod command (abbreviated from change mode) is a shell command and C language function in Unix and Unix-like environments.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /storage/ssd5/890/7314890/public_html/upload/install/steps/msgs.php on line 21

What do I do?