JW Player 7 for cb2.8 with overlay ads support mobile devices (can play google drive, picasa, google photos,..)



This is jw player with:

  1. HTML5 player
  2. Multi resolution
  3. Can play google drive, google picasa, google photos,… and more
  4. Put overlay ads on videos. Support all mobile devices also.

Demo play google picasa: http://wootake.com
Demo play local videos: http://wootake.com/watch_video.php?v=3G22MWBSUD26

Contact me for details. Now you can host unlimited google photos on your clipbucket site.
Contact me at: thoai.nguyenanh at gmail dot com



Gulpanra.net is a nice website ! woow love it !


There’s always something not working in CB !!!

Anyone can provide us with a Player fully working with overlay AD, i will pay the price but it must be fully working, not yet seen such thing here !


What is overlay ads you want?


Picture or video or both, the one you’re using is ok if it works on my website i’ll buy it


It is working as you see


overlay ads are illegal with adsense


Nice player I like it


Overlay ads is against google ad-sense terms and services, You can get ClipBucket Player ads manager plugin for in player ads. and the features are:

Banner Ad …

  1. Admin can browse a banner image or can place a banner Ad code
  2. Can select the time of video at which a banner should appear
  3. Can Activate , deactivate, detale , edit
  4. Banner Ad dimensions should be 468x60

Video Ads ( pre-roll, midroll, postroll )

  1. Admin can add pre-roll, post roll, midroll video ad by selecting video Ad type
  2. Admin can set time for midroll video ad time
  3. Video can can be added only by adding url video in form
  4. Can Activate , deactivate, detale , edit

NOTE : this plugin is only compatible with html5 player


any one can help… i have upgrade my site from 2.6 and there is flv videos also… i want to use jwplayer 7 but mp4 videos working with jwplayer 7 but when try to play flv videos getting this msg “Flash plugin failed to load”

can any one help with this…



Give me your link. I can check



Now I can modify to play google drive but only one stream (highest resolution).
Demo here: http://wootake.com/watch_video.php?v=7O41HAYHB54B
Let me know if you still want.


try to play any flv video you will get msg “Flash plugin faild to load”


Arman but who on 2016 want to play .flv video … please that will not play on cellphones, Android or Apple IOS dont waist your time, upload again the videos on your site, you can do fast with service like videoswiper and stop asking for beeper when we have smart phones.


Good job anhthoai, like it


i have 26,000+ flv video that uploaded in CB 2.6 what we will do with it… ? @ctarrosado


@Arman Its quite easy to build a tool that can convert all those videos to mp4 and deletes old flv videos while updating data accordingly in database without breaking even a single of your video or video link. You can build it in an hour or two if your hands are good on PHP or you can ask us as we are always here to support you.

Saqib Razzaq
ClipBucket Developer


i don’t know coding… if you can do please make a plugin lots of CB 2.6 webmaster waiting for it…


not a lot guess only few including you, people that cant read that for few years already flv are obsolete. and prove of that was when google remove support on their OS and before IOS. They give you an option but for a server or cheap server will be hard convert 24K videos. but another option you can download all the files to your local hard drive and using an Intel i7 CPU convert those videos but are a big job anyways.


Google drive is supported now
Check demo here: http://wootake.com/watch_video.php?v=91RG9XGY7694