JW Player 7 for cb2.8 with overlay ads support mobile devices (can play google drive, picasa, google photos,..)


your own damned upgrader from 2.6 to 2.7 would not do it so…


Support amazon cloud drive now. Enjoy unlimited storage at amazon
Demo here: http://wootake.com/watch_video.php?v=S69WWA3BA5W3


JW Player support Onedrive
Demo here: http://wootake.com/watch_video.php?v=O3DMUU2387NR


Support userscloud now


what is the cost of this player


Checkout here http://www.codegrape.com/item/tmplay-wordpress-plugin-playing-cloud-drive-on-jwplayer/8333?ref=thoaimedia


can you give me CB demos and is it ok to be used with adsense code


Demo ablove link: http://wootake.com


What if we already bought this plugin months ago?
I actually had to stop using it because it stopped working. Not sure if it was because google block my server’s IP or what.

How can I keep track of updates if I didn’t buy it through that site? I might still be able to find a use for this later.


i want to know it is possible if some one embed our videos to there website and click on play button to play video then click on the player area to pause the video and its return to your website … and play the samev video.

tune.pk is already doing that… you embed the video from tune.pk when you click on play button its playing the video but when you try to Pause the video its returning to your site and playing the exact with on tune.pk…


I know how to install Jwplayer 7 for cb 2.6 its easy but for the versions 2.7 and 2.8 its require some modification to the coding i use a different way to insert the jwplayer into clipbuket its not sefl-hosted


JW Player 7 for cb 2.8.1 with overlay ads


Can play dailymotion in jwplayer now.


any demo plz iits really interested


nice to hear that, but the only thing that need now is the way to show jwplayer on facebook when share videos on facebook. if we set right now any new player on clipbucket the default player on facebook is pakplayer we need a way if we use your player and share videos on facebook and hit play your player shows and not pakplayer. And please give us a site where we can buy your player or plugin. thanks


Contact me at skype: nguyen.anh.thoai


You can trust this guy for sure he is an awesome developer !


anhthoai your site wootake si not working and there are 7 people on skype with the name that you offer here. need contact you thanks


If you type correct username, that must be first one


too many results with your name i am Roberto Rosado on skype email ctarrosado@outlook.com