Lets discuss our CB website earnings

I dont know how to start but here goes. I would like us to discuss how our cb site earnings are and Best ways to optimize it.
Are there other ad networks you use to monetise it?
What of off page seo? Which have you used?
I for one use adsense and my site isnt about a particular niche, just “how to tutorials” entertainment videos and lifestyles. My cpc is quite low say 0.08 and I do get a lot of clicks.
Now i know adsense works best on sites with lots of keyword targeted texts. And obviously a video site like ours has little of texts so maybe thats why cpc low.
I stand to be corrected so If you feel otherwise or your case is différent Please share.
Secondly i cant implement the inbuilt cb advert yet on my site because i dont think i have garnered enough followership or publicity to make people want To buy ad spots on my site.
I currently do a little below $50 per month with that cpc and it isnt encouraging. I have to add that it was really lower than that before but persistence and some other tweaking brought it thus far.
So Please share your thoughts, experiences so far.
Cb Team is doing a Great work. My site is over 2years + and I feel it is my home, my baby. And I cant give up on it now especially after so much work invested.

Good question !

The cost of a server with large diskspace (very large) and the revenues of the website !

Hosting videos can be very expensive i know it


Running a website is not a joke and you won’t rely on Adsense for everything. I would recommend you to analyze your Audience location and start using different Ad networks.

Start using Taboola/Outbrain or revcontent as Native advertising and focus more on niche content rather than just entertainment videos. If you target a specific event and upload its content it would actually make a pretty good return.

For Off Page SEO, If you r website has good authority or it’s getting good traffic already then focus more on social platforms for now and for On-Page, focus more on your site’s structure.

Rest Assured, Result will be amazing !!


Thank you for your insights. Will look into this asap

My site has not yet profitable.


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Woow nice website :slight_smile:

Do you have enough traffic on your website ? with AdSense it should be a minumum profitable

Your website is not Adsense friendly. So, better to look for alternatives.


Start using content discovery network and merge its content with your own.

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But I need to do a keyword research for profitable video niches

Certainly! Start using Keywordcanine or Keyword planner for that.

To monetize any website AdSense still the best !

Don’t use Amazon Affiliates, it’s a big scam !!

Adsense is only for simple & general websites. Affiliate is only for those who are targeting a specific niche and have a certain audience. e.g if I have a technology based website then i’d assume that majority of my traffic are interested in technology based products and 50% of the audience is over the age of 18 and has access to a debit/credit card.

That’s how Affiliate works! Though, It’s a bit difficult but its a money making machine if you know how to use it properly.

I’m in the business on the web since year 2000 my dear

There are currently no profit.

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You must find the advertiser otherwise you’ll never really make money

That’s the only way to make profit

Adsense has its own perks but Amazon Affiliate also works really well.

More 6000 clicks for 1.47$ ! That’s Amazon affiliates !

Clicks from targeted niche of course !

Have any of you guys tried In-video advertisement?

ClipBucket supports Google IMA and you can add pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post rolls. Ads inside videos have much better conversion rate.

Saqib Razzaq
ClipBucket Developer

is that Paid Plugin " Google IMA In-video advertisement ?

Yes, indeed it is. However, spending money on it is totally worth it as you can generate much more after using it.

but google video ads is not allow in low traffic website i think?