Login loop - CB version 2.6


Hello all. When i try to login to my CB install. The system will send me back to the sign up page. No one is able to login. We are not getting a bad username or password error. If i intentionally use the incorrect password i will get the error.

Looking in the access.log for apache. After clicking login. The site will try to go to “sitename.com/myaccount.php?user=” and then will be sent to “sitename.com/signup.php

Videos seem to work fine. I am able to play videos that are set to public.

I saw 1 similar post that they ended up reinstalling CB to get it to work. If that is what i need to do. Is there a place i can download the older version of CB? I can not upgrade at this time.

Thanks for any help.


I figured out the issue after posting this. I had made in change in the Apache httpd.conf file that i had forgotten about. I undid the change and now the system works fine.