Lost photo thumbnails regeneration doesn't work

I have moved clipbucket to new server centos 7.6 and I see thumbnails doesn’t work.
I try to regenerate it it say it is finished and regenerated all, but when I check web page there are no thumbnails
I use php 7.1 clibucket 4.1
here is site with no thumbnails for photos, but for videos are ok.
Also no errors in log.

Any idea what can be problem??

Is video conversion and thumb generation working for newly uploaded videos?

Yes for video there are thumbs, for old and for new videos, thumbs works, but not for photos.
When I upload photo I can not press “save details”. But photo is uploaded and no thumbs! Not for old not for new photos.

Still didn’t solve this, can anyone help me please?

Cannot think of any issue that could cause this and no such issue have been reported before this, There must be something from the server end that needs to be debugged in details.

Any idea what to do to debug this?

I see I can not upload photos at all, “save details” button is greyed out.
In which folder photo thumbs are created?

Problem 1
clipbucket doesn’t work on PHP7+ (centos 7)
it works on php 56 only
problem 2
you have a bug in version 4.2 so I need to downgrade and now I have 4.1 and uploading photos works and I also have thumbnails.

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can you please let me know when you will repair 4.2 so picture upload will work?