Mobile Mod Theme/Template


i know clip bucket 2.8.x have responsive template but still we want mobile mod. separate template for mobile visitor like CB 2.6 mobile mod and the most popular websites like youtube, facebook and Tune.PK is using separate websites template for mobile devices… it will be very great if you develop or upgrade the existing mobile mod to 2.8



i buy cb mobile theme but now is not compatible on 2.8 clipbucket
clipbucket team not support i want too separate theme that i buy cbmobile theme but now im very sad :frowning:


you are getting error in plugin files or in templates files…?

and template is not big issue we need just plugin … we will design template for mobile


Guys, We are not going to develop CB mod for 2.8. We are working on ClipBucket mobile apps and our team is working very hard to finalize the apps before the end of this year. Hopefully you guys will have the Andriod and iOS app soon.


if i buy cb mobile mod then i get upgrade to mobile apps ?


i have already android app for 2.6 and still waiting for compatibility with 2.8… i can’t upgrade my site to 2.8 coz of this issue…


Arman, We apologize for the inconvenience, Our team is doing its best to make it happen As soon as possible.


its ok we will wait for it…


great news thanks you :slight_smile:


This is awesome. I too have CB 2.6 mobile. That is going bye bye maybe we save money in app for those of us who have this ? Would be only fair.

Thank you for consideration.