Modernization of category list in upload area


I think list of categories in upload area should be modified.
If someone have many categories/subcategories, finding all we must mark is quite complicated.

In my opinion best solution would be expandable tree with categories. But I’m aware it is lot of work to make such solution.
Maybe it would be simpler to change the structure of this list. Order is good but some indentation for subcategories could be very helpful. Maybe something looking like this its possible to make:

or this:

I try to add underscore sign (_) in front of subcategories but this don’t look too good:

Maybe someone have more ideas, or can help to improve this category list.
Like I said before, it would be very helpful. And if somone have lot of categories finding all is almost impossible.
Hope you endorse this idea.
best regards


I fully agree that, because I have the same problem with many Categories and Sub-Categories.



Perhaps each parent category has its own section, like this:



Upon reflection, I think the best way to modify category list is this:

When we eliminate ‘middle categories’ list is shorter and clearer.


Hello clipbucket. You wondered perhaps over this?


Any progress in this matter?
Maybe someone has an idea how to change this manually? At least how to add this underscore sign.
I will be greatfull for any help.


Thank you for your suggestion. We will definitely consider it in our upcoming release :slight_smile:

Saqib Razzaq
ClipBucket Developer


When we go to admin area / videos manager to edit video, there is categories list which looks great. It looks exactly like my first suggestion (on top of this topic).
Maybe you can apply that solution to upload area to.
It would be awsome.