New installation, no cb_user table created


Hi I did a new install, and after install the admin account I chose didn’t work, it says “User Doesn’t Exist”, and I investigated and found the User table doesn’t exist, though other tables do.

So I deleted everything, and ran the cb_new_install.sql and removed the database prefix, and now instead of saying User Doesn’t Exist it just redirects me to the login page again. I’m guessing the schema for users in that file is wrong, but I don’t see where the right one is.

This is a Clipbucket 4.0 install on Ubuntu 16.04.


It is very strange. Meet your server this configurations?


Mysql version is 5.7. Other than that everything is within range. Ubuntu ships with 5.7, do I need to manually install an old version?.


Yes, you will have to downgrade the MySQL version as V4 is compatible with version 5.6


After downgrading the MySQL version, the user tables are created.


But now when videos are added, they don’t show up as processing, nothing is inserted into cb_videos or cb_video_files, but ffmpeg does process the files. Any idea why the video entries wouldn’t be created?


Do you see videos in video manager?


No they do not appear ever


but they are in the conversion queue manager, but never complete