New Release ClipBucket V4.0 Stable (Security Vulnarablilities fixed)


Dear ClipBucket Community,

ClipBucket V4.0 Stable comes with major security fixes. We have worked to fix all bugs reported in the previous version and improved the performance of the script in a live environment. Our major focus in this version was optimized the script to perform fast, We hope that you will like the improvements.

ClipBucket thanks, Ramadhan Amizudin (discovery, analysis, coordination) from the SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab ( for responsibly reporting the identified issues and working with us as we addressed them.

PHP 7 Support
Database Optimization
Faster than previous versions of ClipBucket
Social Beast plugin for adding social account links in footer
Improved conversion logs
Improved error handling
Improved video Privacy feature
Faster more user-friendly
Bug Fixes

You can download the latest version from our site or GitHub.
Enjoy using ClipBucket and give us your feedback!

Thank You



link to download… thanks



Every single release now for years have same issues why if you know already the fix why every release or update have same problems, intermediately i have the issues about foreign language that your script change for ? symbol. why cant add that fix on the script and is all the time missing that and damaging all my data.

Latest stable that is out around 6 days cant work previous one was working. May be an issue about google translator.


Also the installation documentation that is included is very old. It references files that likely have not existed since at least as far back as 2.7. Don’t try to follow the steps or it will for sure not work. There is also a link to an online help section that is so old it is before my time of using CB- at least 2 years without any updates.


Any chance you’ll fix this problem? The script didn’t recognize the difference between G and M … :expressionless:


@fahad_cb @Awais-cb Have a look into this.


What is the PHP version at your server?


PHP 7.1. The bug exist since CB 2.8 width PHP 5.6