NGINX file upload error


I am trying to setup fresh Clipbucket installation in NGINX. All is working fine just
local file upload isnt working. Remote upload works fine as well. When i am uploading local video the progress keep running, and after 100% it restarts again from 1%. Until it reaches at keepalive_timeout.

Is there any way to upload in NGINX? any module needs to install.


rewrite rule issue maybe?
what was file size involved?
have done 250mb on nginx with php-fpm on my end ok

these are rules I have the post shows them better than the quote here does


Hi yes i found that i have client_body size lower then upload file size. so i have increased that to 2048MB. now its working correctly.

Thank you.


ah was not sure if that mattered or not, good to know it does thanks for info


Is this still good with latest version ??


playing with apache right now but 3 months ago this worked.
may need to neaten up the format as pasting messed up