Only can convert video of MP4

I facing convert video only success of MP4 format only, if i click Stay MP4 as it on Upload and conversion settings, then MP4 is converted success

But if I uncheck the (Stay MP4 as it is)… …any video format can’t convert

anyone can help ?

Welcome to ClipBucket community,

When you choose stay as mp4, the video is not converted, the video is stored and played as it is. For conversion of videos, ClipBucket uses some server side modules and your server resources, if videos are failing in conversion, your server is missing some module or configuration, for the requirements details view:

But if I uncheck the (Stay MP4 as it is)… …any video format can’t convert

Obviously, videos won’t convert until all the requirements are met. If your server has all the modules, review the file conversion log for debugging.

how can I check the conversion log

Admin area > Videos > video Manager > edit option > file conversion log

File to be converted

Initializing File 1564558324a7a26.mp4 and pre checking configurations…

System hardware Information

Unable log System hardware information, plaese install “lshw”

Temporary Uploading

File Uploaded to Temp directory successfully and video conversion file is being executed !

Video Conversion File Execution

Video Converson File executed successfully with Target File > !1564558324a7a26.mp4

The file conversion execution is not working, check PHP configurations and the recommended versions of all modules.

in php.ini find the “disable_functions” and remove the shell_exec() function to enable the function.

is it correct config ?

No, remove exec and shell_exec from this list.

For detailed guide read:

right ?

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any update… ? can allow to convert MP4 format video once click “Stay MP4 as it is”

You have removed all functions while you only had to remove the mentioned. There are a lot of other configurations as well, that you need to verify according to the guide I sent.

you mean to disable all plugin ?