Picture upload on demo site


Experiencing problem with photos on my site I make registration on https://demo.clipbucket.com/free/ to see if there is everything O.K.

When try upload Jastuk.jpeg image I got my photo name, “no-photo_m” image and another uploader name on https://demo.clipbucket.com/free/photos.php

When open link to picture, there is still “no-photo_m” image, but is visible I’m uploader.

I upload another .jpeg picture called Hrvatski predsjednici.
Picture is visible, but there is another uploader instead of me.

Can this may be in any kind related with my problem https://discourse.clipbucket.com/t/clipbucket-v4-cant-upload-photos/2832 ?



Kindly log the issue at Github for our developers to test and debug: https://github.com/arslancb/clipbucket/issues


Problem not been solved yet with 4.1 version

Photos users are mixed, in a user channel under the tab photos there’s other users photos displayed