Possibility to leave only „grab from YouTube” in upload area


In upload area for “remote upload” we have two buttons: “grab from YouTube” and “upload” (“grab from YouTube” embed video, “upload” download it to our server).

It would be good for many start-ups to have possibility to leave just “grab from YouTube”.
It save server space and bandwidth, which is quite important for start-ups. It is also the quickest option.
[Off course We have option “embed code” but for it we have to generate thumbnails by ourself which is not comfortable, and is not quick – it deters users in my opinion]

Or maybe it would be good idea to have this “grab from youtube” option separetly from others.

I think it would be very good improve.
Hope You like it :slight_smile:
(sorry for my english)


Thank you for your recommendation, We will discuss it with the team.


add option in Admin
allow: Grab From Youtube = Yes or No
allow: Video uploads = Yes or No
allow: Photo uploads = Yes or No

would be great Idea



I agree with spirogg, option in admin panel to “turn of” photo/video section is very very very good idea.