Premium Packages

About the Premium packages that you offer.

for the Basic package, dont sounds bad. because include the script installation and the theme dont look bad.

For the PRO, Wetube theme is horrible, is ugly, we dont need mass embedder and we will not pay $200 for that theme.

For the ultimate look better the theme, but people $499 for a theme? because we dont need multi server plugin. we dont need paid subscription module.

Those package need a custom make option, left people select the theme from all your theme. and select the modules that they want.

Another thing a video website without the option to scale video player size like youtube and all the websites cant be accepted. You know we mean cinema option, expand the video player half screen and nice.

you can buy plugins and themes separately
Submit Ticket to ClipBucket, and will respond

Dear @ctarrosado,

ClipBucket Pro package costs $199 for so many products, We know that not everyone needs everything but when you use “We” you are just describing yourself because Mass Embedder is one of our best selling plugin for years and if you don’t need it just don’t use it.

Here are the Actual Prices of products in Pro Package:

• Branding (white label) $90
• Player Branding $50
• Responsive Templates
o Live Motion $70
o +WeTube $200
• Script Installation Service $50
• CB Subtitles $50
• Facebook Comments $8
• Family Filter $8
• +Mass Embedder $49
• +Intelligent YouTube embed $90
• +SEO Plugin $100
• +Social Connect $70
• +Video head Control $40
• +CB carousel $8
• +Floating Share Box $8

So, If you don’t need Mass embedder or Youclip, think of these products as free bonus, You don’t have to use them. Just consider that you are Paying $199 for products worth around $800 and Some of those products are a must have like (Brandings $140, Seo Plugin $100, Social Connect $70) this is a win situation no matter how you look at this.

Ultimate Package have a lot of other things to offer and this package is not suitable for very small sites but when you will have more traffic coming to your site you will need Multiserver ($350). Then there is Player Ads Manager ( $300) for displaying ads in player (video, banners) and this is also a must have plugin.

We value your input and contribution to the community and you are entitled to your personal opinions but describing any of our products as ugly or useless is totally uncalled for, We have always worked hard to bring the best to the community and these premium packages are our token of appreciation of the love we get from the ClipBucket community.

Thank you.


well sounds good, but really wetube is a crap theme, nothing atractive, but the rest of the things that you mention are good, and there are some plugin that i dont know what they do. If was another theme and having the player with the option to resize live half screen, then i can consider buy. But anyways you are doing very good job with the script.

I dont see nothing about audio plugin or area.

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Audio plugin will be available as separate addon. You wouldn’t have to buy an entire package to get that plugin. It will be available soon.

Saqib Razzaq
ClipBucket Developer

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I asked to buy two plugins, then I was told send a message with the plugins I wanted. After I sent the message I got a response a day later saying no they don’t sell single plugins I would have to buy a package. what’s up with that?

Im still waiting for audio plugin


i’m still waiting on them to fix account issues so I can get what was paid for.
the damned support ticket system manned at all?