"Processing" videos aren't showing


Processing videos aren’t showing for the User yet they show for the Admin. Is it possible to get the same “Processing” info to the User that is shown to the Admin?

Once the videos are processed, they show to the User fine. Our videos are rather large and they take some time to process so the User should be informed of the status.

I am not sure if “failed” shows up for the User either.


VIdeos failed and in processing are only visible to admin. This info cannot be shown to user.


So let me get this straight: as a User, I upload a 500MB video. I get the upload successful message. After X minutes / hours, the video either shows in my list of Uploaded videos or it doesn’t with no indication if it failed or if it’s still processing …


A video uploader can see their video in processing: http://prntscr.com/lcjmcd
I thought you meant the public viewing!