[Release] 4.2 RC1


Dear ClipBucket community,

We are glad to announce that ClipBucket 4.2 RC1 is available for download. We would like to thank our awesome ClipBucket community for supporting us and reporting issues/bugs in ClipBucket. Team ClipBucket have worked very hard for the past few months to fix the issues reported by the community and to add new impressive feature while also maintaining and improving the existing ones.

We are hopeful that you will love this version. We don’t charge you money for all the hard work that we put in and the only way we ask you to payback is by your feedback. Hence, make sure you open up about ClipBucket 4.2 and let us know what you think of it.

Highlights of this release:
MySQL 8.0 compatibility (Consult MySQL upgrade to 8.0 documentation)
Elastic Search integration (New plugin has been added for improving search)

To download the new version click here.

Thank you.


The search is not working for me. Another thing i was expecting new look something new, but all looks identical.


We need something on that new version, today every single php video script have at least an option when you add the video url to embed add automatic the image title description and more and other have better option but on clipbucket we have to add embed code, time, image title, description, the whole thing. Very complicate to add videos to our site.


You’re referring to the grab from YouTube feature, we have integrated YouTube API 3 for that, all you have to do is install the remote upload plugin > generate your YouTube API 3 from Google and place in admin area > simply embed videos by link and grab from YouTube.


Good morning,
I would like to propose the following improvements:

  • re-insert or make visible contact form

  • add recaptcha on the pages: registration, login (optional, to prevent automated login and / or brute force attacks), contact form, comments.

  • If the categories are many and exceed the length of the page Videos, the categories are cut, so you have to consider a different method of distribution of the drop-down menu or a new drop-down menu

  • allow selection from the video display administration panel with more views on the homepage, as well as the recent ones currently available

  • add video preview on mouseover

  • redirect from url no-seo to url seo (so as to avoid duplication of url)


Yes im referring to that the grab one to just add youtube url and the script add the thumbnail and the info automatic. I dont have the remote upload plugin listed on the admin panel.

Ok not under plugin but at least on the new release or RC show remote upload option and on the admin panel i found the area to add the youtube api 3 let me try

Yes is working thank you. i was doing that by hand writing all the data for every video.


What’s really new in this new version ?

I guess watermark photo problem has not been solved and other issues too

Search results order and many other issues …

How many people are still updating CB ??

  • Great job the limit of characters and lowercase characters in the URL, however, recommend to rewrite the default capitalized the first letter of the title and description of the video page. Here is an example:
    If you load a video with the name all in lowercase, the video is transferred with the text in lowercase, but in the watch_video page the title of the video and description must always be in upper case beyond how it is loaded.

  • Very nice to see the videos on the homepage, but if I click on the address of the title (when the video is started on the homepage, just above the player), I get redirected to url no SEO

  • I took a look at the sitemap and is almost absent, the videos listed are only 100. If the videos exceed 100, are not taken into account by the sitemap, so we are forced to go into the sitemap file to increase the threshold, but so structured is unmanageable. If I had 100,000 videos, everything would be blocked. I suggest to better structure the sitemap, for example in subgroups, so as to make it readable to both the human eye and the bots.

UPDATE 06/02/2019
In addition, if you submit the sitemap to google (Google Search Console), errors are reported in the structure


I have listed the most important points that I think should be addressed on the development and improvement plan. If others should come, I will not hesitate to update or append.
I thank the developers for this ever better open source resource. ClipBucket is always better thanks to you developers and this wonderful community of fans who continuously report problems and advice on how to do better


Am I able to simply upload these files onto of Clipbucket Enterprise 4.x site?


Will be good for the Grab video, add other options like dailymotion vimeo and others. Please add cinema video view on watchvideo page


Cinema video view on watch page is good idea


Imdb plugin for movies and TV?


IMDB don’t have an official API for rating but you can integarate OMDB API for this purpose.


The new version of the background hopes to increase the 4k resolution conversion


Will be awesome if you can add multi source option for a video, mention because some times videos can be remove from youtube or other sources and will be great have a kind of area for visitor can hit other video source. thanks


Update done and i see absolutely nothing changed !!

I have always the same question, why the search results are and still always inverted ???

Anyone from CB team can reply ?


I recommend creating two sitemaps: the first in xml containing all the categories (google will follow and index all the videos it will find) and a second sitemap useful for the visitor to add in the clipbucket footer, structured in 3 parts: the first containing the criteria sorting (popular, new, featured, top rated), the second part containing the categories, the third part containing the tags

It would be cool!