[Release] ClipBucket 2.8.1 ( Edhi ) STABLE available for download now


hi can you help me @saqibcb @aliawancb i am almost lost my memory ---- how can i install from github again please. i am start fresh… i was really ill and now winning the inless inshala ( thanks to God) please help me to get download of latest ltaest cb and install this… I will be reading and learning again fast to also help in forums like before

thanks guys




We are happy to hear that you are recovering well from the illness, We missed you here at the forum and we are glad that you are back. We hope that you will soon fully recover from the illness and get back on track with your project.

First of all you need a good server with all the required modules, Your server must have all the required modules to run ClipBucket: http://clip-bucket.com/cb-install-requirements/

Review this post on intsdllation process:

You can download the latest version/source code from GitHub and install on the server follwing this simple guide.