[Release ]ClipBucket 2.8.1 RC 2 is Available for Download


Dear ClipBucket Community,

ClipBucket 2.8.1 RC 2 comes to life with dozens of issue fixes and enhancements. Below goes a summary of what changed between 2.8.1 RC 1 to 2.8.1 RC 2

Over 30 issues fixed
404 page redesigned
Upload logo from admin area
Improved Language system
and much much more…

Enjoy using ClipBucket! for any queries, send an email contact@clipbucket.com or create a ticket at http://client.clip-bucket.com


Will check it soon. Thank you for this release



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thank you for releasing rc2… luv u clipbucket team…


Thank you CB Team. Much appreciate the hard work and dedication the Team has for building the Best Clipbucket yet. Special thanks to @saqibcb @fahad_cb @skilanderzel (git hub) and @aliawancb for all the fixes. And let’s not forget

Big Hugs to @arslancb the Creator of CB.

Thanks so much.


thanks for the release. please who knows if private videos issue has been resolved?


Thank you for releasing Clipbucket 2.8.1 RC2 which is much better than versions before! With the help from the community around the world we make this the best PHP Script for Online Media Sharing!


Private videos do not show private on the thumbnail. When they(private videos) are clicked the link just goes dead. I complained about this in RC1 it hasnt still been solved.

Asides that. you all have DONE A GREAT JOB. really impressed with the send message, friend request notifications.


Each time, do not directly publish the complete source code package, after the upgrade, only upgrade patch can it?
Or give me a detailed log file update, tell me which files are updated, and which database?


@znncool: I think it´s no good idea because your installation can get confused with old unused and new files mixed, which can made it very hard to find out errors. Better made a fresh update installation to have the best results.


But we own a lot of file modification, if every time to replace them all, we will pay too much workload.
Or give me a detailed log file update, tell me which files are updated, and which database?


We have a lot of secondary development function, each followed the official website to update all files, which will enable us to do much work, so I hope the official website to provide updates patches.
Or give me a detailed log file update, tell me which files are updated, and which database?


I understand you because I have also personal modifications in a second installation on dev machine and have to follow working parts of the actual official version in my dev installation.

If there would be a actual stable fully working version this would be making sense, but now we are too much far away from that point. Maybe it makes sense for you to have an own fork on Github and compare between the repos. Otherwise there is a fully documented changelog where you can see which modifications where made.


i notice that there is only one sitemap for videos…
photos and user channels sitemaps are missing in clip bucket…


i think they will not fix SEO cause we need to buy the Plugin Ninja SEO


@aliawancb @saqibcb is this Ninja Plugin yet working and available ?? if so how much




This plugin is available in Pro ($199) and Ultimate Packages ($499).
See this [POST][1] for more details on premium packages…

Thank you.
[1]: http://discourse.clipbucket.com/t/clipbucket-introducing-premium-package/1654


i have laid the complaint of missing private videos overlay. logged in videos doesnt work. The link goes dead when video is clicked.
no solution. it worked in previous version. not working in RC2


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