[Release] ClipBucket 2.8.2

Dear ClipBucket Community,

The wait is over, ClipBucket’s new version is finally here. Thanks to our sleep deprived awesome Ninja’s @fahad_cb, @malikruman, @Yousaf for working round the clock to make this happen just in time.

ClipBucket 2.8.2 is a minor release focused on debugging. It comes with enhancements and a lot of bug fixes. We have worked to fix all bugs reported in the previous version and improved the performance of the script in live environment. Our major focus in this version was to fix bugs and improve all the features and we hope that you will like the improvements.

New Homepage video popup feature(swappable)
Faster than previous versions of ClipBucket
Video Upload Progress bar
Related videos in Player
Social Beast plugin for adding social account links in footer
Chromecast stream feature in player
Improved Conversion
Ajax home page
Ajax based view photos
Fixed over 300 issues
Improved conversion logs
Improved error handling
Improved video Privacy feature
Server friendly
Faster & more user friendly
Official Documentation

Enjoy using ClipBucket and give us your feedback.

ClipBucket 2.8.2 DEMO

Download ClipBucket 2.8.2

Cheers and Greetings…

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Finally !! Thank you Clip Bucket Team !!

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Thank You Clip Bucket Team … Let me try it on my local setup…

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Great Work Done by Team once again Thanks

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HI. Quick question. I noticed that the groups feature is not listed on the front page(version 2.8.2) or the admin screen(Version 2.8.1 not sure if it is in 2.8.2). Is the groups function being removed?

Long time it’s has been removed

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Groups were removed in Version 2.8.1.

Thanks. Must have missed that note. I like the groups feature.

i want to know how to remove POPUP Player code completely from 2.8.2… the idea is nice… i think for adsense popup player is not good… we need impression … with popup player our earning will go down…

i found the option under admin area to disable popup player …

admin_area >> Website Configuration >> Display and Listing Settings >> Home Page Popup Video >> set it to NO

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What is this option ? i have it enabled but i can’t see any popup

You should debug this issue in your site and make sure that you are on the latest version. This feature is working smoothly.


first thank for the chromecast option in the player and more videos looks beautifull, there is one thing that watch video page need. The player need the option to resize like youtube, we need that option on desktop to turn player more bigger and not exactly full page or the small one, with that the video page will be beautiful.

i have chromecast in home and testing your site i dont saw the cast option in anywhere on the player or screen.

It seems we are having an issue with the chromecast feature on HTTPS, The developers are looking into it and will release a patch ASAP.

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I was just wondering how it appears the pop up, ok it will appear when you watch a video on the home page

Social Link Plugins not working

i try to upgrade and when is creating database just blank page i did a fresh install and have this error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/eltuboadventista/public_html/rumano/player/CB_video_js/cb_video_js.php on line 192

i replace the file for the one on version 2.8.1 and works but look is not working the CSS my site run under https://


that is a fresh installation

had same issue if i go to admin area no style